Awe-Inspiring Tools

A.W.E. Method (DAILY)

Based on:
The Power of Awe: Overcome Burnout & Anxiety, Ease Chronic Pain, Find Clarity & Purpose—in Less than 1 Minute per Day, Jake Eagle LPC, Michael Amster MD, Hachette Go, 2023. Hardcover 272 pages  .

The A.W.E. Method, created by Eagle and Armster is a simple, evidence-based practice that only takes a few seconds.

A.W.E. is an acronym for attention, wait and exhale and expand. First, you give something you value, appreciate or find amazing your full attention. It can be a memory, an object, or even a pet, but you must examine it closely and notice everything about it. If it is your dog, notice the feel of her fur beneath your hand, the feel of her heartbeat, the color of her eyes. Second, you wait, slowing down or pausing while you continue your appreciation to take a deep breath. Lastly, you exhale and expand, making a slightly deeper exhalation than normal. Allow your feelings to grow and fill you. If you smile, relax, feel a warmth in your belly or an upwelling of emotions, you have experienced awe.

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Nature Rendezvous (WEEKLY)

Take time to mindfully spend time in nature for 20 minutes whether that is walking in the wilderness, a nearby park or with a cup of coffee on your front porch.

Tips to Getting the Most Out Your Time in Nature

  1. Choose a place you feel safe exploring.

  2. Block out the time for nature in your calendar so you don’t have to rush.

  3. Be present when you spend time in nature. Turn off your phone and take out your ear buds.

  4. Take deep breaths. Deep breathing signals your body to relax and slows down your thoughts.

  5. Focus on the details around you. Invite moments of awe.

Blind Dates with Inspiration (Monthly)

Blind Dates with Inspiration requires engaging in new experiences that have the potential for wonder and awe but are something the participant has not often or ever explored. This could be visiting a museum, attending a symphony, going to a gallery featuring local artists, or hiking in the grand canyon.